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Natural Health


Health and vitality are the natural states of being for the human body. Because of eating habits and lifestyle choices, however, most people are suffering from various health conditions that inhibit their ability to enjoy life to the fullest. Unfortunately, the predominant medical approach is to treat such situations with medication or surgery that may provide temporary relief for the symptoms, but virtually never correct the root cause of the problem. And it is becoming increasingly apparent that the side effects of such medical practices are often more damaging to our health than the original ailment.

"Iatrogenetic" is the medical term for illnesses that are caused by the medical profession. It is difficult to obtain accurate information on the extent of this problem because of potential litigation issues. However, a 10 year study of government statistics completed in 2003 concluded that iatrogenetic illness is now the leading cause of death in the United States. And further, it concluded that adverse reactions to prescription drugs are responsible for more that 300,000 deaths each year. That is the equivalent of more than two full jumbo jets falling out of the sky every day!

The intent here is not to criticize the millions of dedicated medical practitioners, most of whom are working long hours every day in an effort to relieve the pain and suffering of patients who are in need. Rather, it is to suggest that the western medical model that relies primarily on medication and surgery has taken a wrong turn.

It is up to each of us to learn how to care for our own body. Unfortunately, most of the information with which we are bombarded on a daily basis is provided by companies who are interested in selling us products or providing us services, rather than helping us understand how to keep our bodies healthy. The human body has amazing resiliency and recuperative powers. If we work in cooperation with the natural functioning of the body, it is seldom too late to make changes that will enable us to begin our journey on the road to full healing and rejuvenation.

This module is divided into 4 sections as follows:

The human body is not just a physical mechanism . . . it is a complex unit that also involves our thoughts, emotions and spiritual nature. The purpose of this module is to provide a few basics on how the human body functions, and to offer suggestions on how each of us can care for our body in a way that will promote optimum health and longevity.

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