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2012 - A Perspective

Awareness of the potential significance of the year 2012 was heightened in 1987, at the time of the so-called "Harmonic Convergence". Jose Arguelles and others who had been studying the Mayan calendar became aware that this calendar ended in the year 2012, and that there was a 25 year transition period beginning in 1987 that has sometimes been referred to as a period of "no time". Because of the perceived significance of this 25 year period, a world-wide "spiritual" event . . . the Harmonic Convergence . . . was facilitated during August 16-17, 1987, to appropriately usher in this milestone on Earth's evolutionary journey.

As we have progressed through this 25 year period, there has been a growing anticipation as to what may await humanity here on Earth in the in the year 2012, and more specifically, the end point of the Mayan calendar on December 21, 2012, which coincides with a powerful alignment of the Central Sun of our Universe. Many of the indigenous cultures on our planet have ancient prophecies that seem to correlate with this same time frame. Some people have been viewing 2012 from an Apocalyptic perspective . . . as the end of civilization as we have known it. Others are viewing it as a time of great spiritual rebirthing, ushering in a long period of peace and prosperity for all. It is my view that there may be elements of truth in both perspectives.

Although there has been a growing awareness that 2012 marks the completion of a long cycle of evolution here on Earth, there is still relatively little awareness that this event on Earth coincides with a vast cosmic event . . . the end of a cosmic cycle of evolution that involves many, many galaxies. The reason this is important is that whatever is about to unfold here on Earth is inextricably linked to changes unfolding on a vast cosmic scale.

In order to better understand the current situation, and what we may be about to experience, it might be helpful to have a better understanding of the history of Earth as it relates to this evolutionary cycle that is coming into completion.

History of Earth

The planning and preparation for Earth began long, long ago . . . some sources say that it began even before our Milky Way galaxy came into being. The primary goal that the planners of Earth had in mind was to create a planet of exquisite beauty . . . beauty that is unparalleled anywhere in the Universe. Among other aspects of the design, this involved seeding Earth with a wide variety of plants, animals, and minerals. So DNA samples were gathered from throughout the Universe and brought here to Earth. In Barbara Marciniak's channeling of the Pleiadians, they refer to Earth as a "Living Library", because there is such a diversity of species that reside here.

The particular cycle of evolution that will complete in 2012 began about 200,000 years ago. At least that was the time period in which a life wave of new souls was seeded in human form here on Earth. In the beginning these souls retained awareness of their Divine nature . . . their inherent connection to their Creator. So it was only natural that their emerging civilization was based on love, compassion, and a respect for all life. And because of the incredibly natural beauty of Earth, life was idyllic . . . hence the Biblical reference to the "Garden of Eden".

However, mid-way through this cycle, there was a planet elsewhere in the Universe with a very different civilization. Most of the individuals there lived lives based on "service to self" rather than consideration for the good of all. They were technologically advanced, but much of their technology was directed toward the development of weaponry for use in their ongoing wars. The weapons had become so destructive that the planet itself was becoming uninhabitable. So the overseers of the planet sent out a plea for help.

Those of the spiritual hierarchy who were responsible for Earth were approached with a request to accept the beings from this planet into the civilization on Earth. It was hoped that by living within such a gentle and loving situation, the ego-centered souls from the warring planet would soon see the wisdom a more peaceful way of life. A decision had to be made quickly because the demise of their planet was imminent. And although the council of Earth was apprehensive, they reluctantly agreed to honor the request.

In the early stages, all seemed to be going well. These souls who came to Earth were grateful to have been rescued, and they found it easy to merge into the gentle civilization here on Earth. But unfortunately it was not long before they began to fall back into their old ways of greed and violence, and in doing so, gradually contaminated some of the souls of Earth. Some sources refer to these souls who came to Earth from the warring planet as the "laggards", because they were souls who were lagging behind in their evolutionary progress.

Over a period of time, some of the original souls of Earth retreated to remote areas of the planet so that they could minimize their involvement with the laggards. And a sizeable group of the original souls of Earth decided to shift their bodies to a higher frequency . . . an ability that they still retained . . . and dwell within the Earth, rather than on the surface. Those souls have retained their higher consciousness, and the plan is that they will reconnect with the surface civilization at the end of this cycle.

Eons ago there was yet another experiment that was undertaken here on Earth. The Creator Gods who retained responsibility for Earth were curious as to what would happen if the souls of Earth, as they entered into embodiment in human form, were veiled from their conscious awareness of their connection to their Creator . . . their connection to Source. Would it provide an important learning experience for these souls to experience human life in "separateness" from Source? And through the experience of "separateness", would they gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the nature of "Oneness"? And so this experiment in "duality" began.

At this point, let me acknowledge that there are differing perspectives as to what "duality" really means. Some see it as experiencing the polarity between "good" and "evil". However, my perspective is that duality involves us voluntarily undergoing "forgetfulness" as we enter human embodiment such that we are "veiled" from our conscious awareness of our connection to Source. In Kahlil Gibran's book, "The Prophet", there are some interesting words that seem to relate to this this:

"Could you but see the tides of that breath
you would cease to see all else,
And if you could hear the whispering of the dream
you would hear no other sound.
But you do not see, nor do you hear,
and it is well.
The veil that clouds your eyes
shall be lifted by the hands that wove it,
And the clay that fills your ears
shall be pierced by those fingers that kneaded it.
And you shall see
And you shall hear. Yet, you shall not deplore having known blindness,
nor regret having been deaf.
For in that day
you shall know the hidden purposes in all things,
And you shall bless darkness as you would bless light."
This "experiment" is ending, and as we approach the end of this cycle of evolution, more and more people are regaining their conscious awareness of their Divine nature and their connection to Source.

The history of Earth involves yet another layer of complexity. Over time, beings of "misguided intent" from within the extraterrestrial realms developed linkages with the laggard souls on Earth. This has added immeasurable to the negativity within our world. It was primarily this alliance that developed the perverted technology in the latter stages of Atlantis, which eventually brought about the demise of Atlantis, and plunged the civilization of Earth deeper into density. And so it has continued to this day. As Winston Churchill once said, "The history of Earth is just one damn thing after another!"

The Scheme of Evolution

The grand design of the cosmos provides that as universes, galaxies, star systems, and planets evolve, they become less and less dense . . . in other words, they vibrate at a higher frequency. But evolutionary progression must proceed in a synchronized manner. In the aftermath of the fall of Atlantis, Earth plunged deeper and deeper into density. It is said to now be the most dense planet within our galaxy that is inhabited by sentient beings. And it is holding back the evolutionary progress of our galaxy, and perhaps much more than just our galaxy. This is why the "ascension" of Earth to a higher dimension (higher frequency) is an absolute "must" as we complete this long cycle of evolution. More on this later.

The Lightworkers

As the beings within the spiritual realms who have responsibility for the evolution of Earth monitored the situation, it was becoming evident that some form of intervention was needed to uplift the civilization of Earth. So a plan was devised to bring a group of highly evolved souls to Earth to incarnate in human form, and provide leadership and inspiration for the development of a more enlightened civilization. The first group consisted of 144,000, and was under the leadership of Lord Melchizedek. They came to Earth in approximately 4,000 BC . . . about the beginning of recorded history on our planet. They tended to incarnate in groups at specific locations on the planet . . . the more enlightened civilizations of ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, and so on. Throughout the intervening years, and especially during the past few hundred years, many, many more evolved souls from other celestial worlds have come to Earth to assist. Some have incarnated in human form, some in cetacean forms, and many serve on the spaceships surrounding Earth, providing support from that domain. Virtually all of these souls, including the original group, agreed to remain with Earth until the end of this evolutionary cycle in 2012.

The Cosmic Conclaves

At the end of every cosmic cycle of evolution, it is customary that representatives of the various galaxies hold a series of meetings, or "conclaves", to review the collective experiences of the cycle coming into completion, and to make recommendations for the next cycle. The conclaves are in two parallel paths, a General Conclave and a Scientific Conclave. They start by developing broad recommendations that apply universally, and gradually work their way down to "planet-specific" recommendations. This conclave activity began in 1992 (as we measure time here on Earth) and completed in 1996. This was a primary process through which the plans for Earth related to 2012 became linked to the plans for our galaxy and beyond.

What Lies Ahead?

With this brief review of the history of Earth, let's return to the original question: What might we anticipate in regard to 2012?

There is an abundance of channeled information currently circulating through the internet and appearing in other media forms related to the changes that lie ahead. The indigenous cultures also are making an important contribution to our awareness. In reviewing information from various sources, there seems to be some consistencies, but also significant differences. I believe that each of us needs to be guided by our own inner knowingness in our quest for a deeper understanding of what the future may hold.

Having acknowledged that, I would like to share with you what I believe to be some of the probabilities. It is not my intent to attempt to convince anyone that my perspectives are correct, but rather only to share them with you in the hope that they may entice you to consider some possibilities that you may not yet have contemplated. At the very least, I hope that they will provide an alternative . . . a beacon of Light . . . in contrast to the doom and gloom which permeates the mainstream media.

A Time of Choice

I want to start with that which I believe is most important . . . the destiny of each soul here on Earth. I believe that 2012 marks the end of the "school year" for the souls of Earth. And I believe that at some point in the not-too-distant future, the 3rd dimensional version of Earth is going to be closing as a school for souls. So I believe every soul on the planet has been given a choice as to their desired destiny path. But with that choice comes responsibility to do the necessary preparation that is associated with the destiny path of choice

It is my belief that there are at least four general destiny paths involved. Stated briefly, they are:

1. Ascension to a 5th dimensional version of Earth.

2. Continue the evolutionary journey on a different 3rd dimensional planet that is similar to Earth (in other words, transfer to a different, but similar school).

3. The evolved souls who came to Earth as "Lightworkers" to help uplift the civilizations of Earth during the final stages of this evolutionary cycle will be offered the option to return to their home celestial world.

4. The souls who lifetime after lifetime have continued in the ways of violence, cruelty, greed, and abuse will be relocated to a "pre-school" planet where they will re-start their soul's evolutionary journey at essentially the stone-age level. In some extreme cases, their soul memories may be wiped clean so that they do not have to deal with the vast amount of negative karma they have accrued. This destiny path will undoubtedly include many of the "laggard" souls, but also those souls who by choice, have followed the ways of the laggards.

I would like to discuss each of these options (destiny paths) in more detail.


A couple of decades ago I believed that there would come a time when Planet Earth would shift to a higher frequency whereby the 3rd dimensional (physical) level of Earth would shift in frequency from the 3rd to the 4th dimension, and then very soon thereafter, from the 4th to the 5th dimension. And those souls on Earth who were capable of making the frequency shifts along with Earth would ascend with her to the 5th dimension. However, I now believe that there may be a variation on that theme.

In 1996, a friend and I started making trips in our light bodies during sleep to a place that was referred to as the "New Earth". I do not retain memory of those nighttime experiences but she does. We started talking to other Lightworkers about this New Earth, and occasionally would find someone who was having similar experiences. The sense we had was that it was a pristine copy of Earth in a parallel dimension, but this version of Earth had very little development on it at that time.

Then, as time progressed, more and more people started channeling information about the New Earth. And more recently, much of the channeled information related to 2012 makes reference to the New Earth, indicating that it exists within the 5th dimension.

The scenario that is often presented is that at the appropriate time, those souls of the current Earth who are sufficiently prepared will "ascend" to the 5th dimensional New Earth.

For those involved in this ascension pathway, there are at least a couple of different versions as to how that will take place. One version is that we will go through some sort of ascension gateway, and leave all Earthly possessions behind. Another version is that ascension will be "seamless" in the sense that our homes and surroundings will simply translate over to the New Earth . . . and we might not even be immediately aware that we have "ascended". One of the things I like about this second scenario is that it encourages us to start living right now as though we have already ascended.

Dolores Cannon, a Lightworker for whom I have great respect, has put forth the idea that the "bifurcation" of Earth . . . splitting between the present Earth as we know it, and the New Earth . . . my occur in a manner very similar to cell "mitosis", in which one cell splits into two cells. This brought to mind something that I recalled from one of my mentors, who was a geneticist, as he described watching the process of cell division (mitosis) through a microscope. He said that at first, slight movements within the cell would become observable . . . then the movements, similar to a pumping action, would gradually become more and more pronounced . . . finally reaching a crescendo, or climax, at which point the cell would seemingly instantaneously split into two cells. So this provides yet another possibility as to how ascension may take place.

Preparation for ascension involves affirming our choice to ascend and then raising our frequency as much as possible during the time between now and 2012. I believe that this is accomplished primarily in three ways:

1. Living our life in conscious awareness of our Oneness with our Creator and with all of creation . . . with respect for all beings and all life forms.

2. Incorporating love and kindness in every aspect of our life, including our relationships with others, and with everyone with whom we interact throughout our daily experiences. Along with this, it is important that we let go of old energies or habit patterns that no longer serve our highest good . . . forgiveness toward ourselves and toward others is the key.

3. Shifting over to a natural diet of veggies, fruits, grains, nuts, etc., in contrast to animal foods and processed foods, which are of low vibration, are loaded with chemicals and toxins, and have virtually no life energy. Drinking ample quantities of fresh water is a crucial element in this regimen.

I believe that if we focus on these three items, the new energies coming into the planet will enable our physical body to be rejuvenated. And along with this, additional strands of DNA will be progressively be reconnected, greatly increasing our human capabilities. These are strands that were disconnected by the off-planet "malevolent" beings in an earlier era in order to "dumb-down" human beings and make them easier to control.

Many of the young children who have been born in recent years have bodies that are already pretty much prepared for ascension . . . they came in with that intention.

According to some of the channeling, after ascension to the New Earth, we will be able to age-reverse our 5th dimensional body to any age we choose. And further, illness and dying will no longer exist, and we will be able to manifest that which we want directly from the unseen.

Even if ascension does not happen in the manner or timeframe anticipated, the three steps suggested above are exactly the things that will most enhance and enrich our lives if the present reality on Earth continues pretty much in its current form.

Continue the Evolutionary Journey in the 3rd Dimension

It seems likely that life on the present 3rd dimensional version of Earth will continue for a period of time. There is a universal law that says if an experiment is conducted on any planetary system, and the results of the experiment are not as hoped for, the participants in the experiment cannot just simply "walk away and leave a big mess" . . . they must restore it to harmony and beauty.

So one could surmise from this that after 2012, the remaining civilization on 3rd dimensional Earth will be involved in a large clean-up and restoration effort. After there is open interaction with the extraterrestrial worlds, much of their advanced technology will be made available to assist in this effort.

Eventually I believe that those souls who choose to continue their evolutionary journey within the 3rd dimension will be provided opportunities for this on other 3rd dimensional planets. But I don't have a sense as to how or when this might happen. From my perspective, the way the transition is dealt with is not nearly as important as the long term implications . . . that beginning the next long cycle of evolution within the 3rd dimension will most likely set the pattern for eons to come.

Lightworkers Returning to their Home Star System

There are many Lightworkers who have never felt at home here on Earth, and who would welcome an opportunity to return to their home star system as soon as possible. Presumably those souls who choose this path of return will be transported back to their home star systems via spaceships. However, it seems likely that this return trip would take place at the soul level, not the physical body. With this in mind, I think it is quite possible that some souls who have made this choice will leave their physical body in advance of 2012, either through death, or perhaps more likely through a "walk-out" soul exchange. I have noticed that there seem to be an increasing number of Lightworkers who are going through walk-in/walk-out experiences.

The "Malevolent" Souls

The destiny of those souls who have continued to perpetuate the ways of violence, cruelty, greed and abuse lifetime after lifetime is not a very happy picture. But these souls have been given free will choice throughout eons of time, and by their choices they have pre-destined themselves to their upcoming destiny. I am sure that each of us could imagine some of the people who might be in this category. I have no idea how this option will be implemented. The important fact is that their disruption in the lives of so many over such a long period of time will finally be brought to an end.

The Next 3 Years . . . What Might We Anticipate?

Much of the information currently being channeled from beings within the higher dimensional realms has to do with what we might anticipate during the next 3 years. There seem to be some common threads that run through much of it.

For countless millennia, the people of Earth have been controlled and dominated by the ones of malevolent intent . . . both those who have incarnated on Earth (such as the laggards), and those from beyond the realm of Earth who have been manipulating events from behind the scenes. Most people on Earth don't have a clue as to how pervasive and insidious the level of control and manipulation has been. It has permeated virtually all of the governmental structures, financial systems, religious structures, business organizations, educational institutions . . . virtually the entire fabric of human life on Earth.

Power and Finance

The world power structures are intricately linked to the financial systems. Historically this global cabal has been referred to as the "Illuminati", and down through the ages it has involved links to many different secret organizations. Most of the power structures that are in place now came into being during the 20th century. Some of the more notable groups that function under veils of secrecy are The Bilderbergs, which first met in 1954; the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), which was founded in 1921 and is headquartered in New York, the Trilateral Commission, which is the international counterpart of the CFR, and was founded in 1973; the Club of Rome, which is an international think tank that deals with social issues such as population control, food & water supplies, and health issues.

On the financial side is the Federal Reserve System, which came into being in 1913, and which controls and operates the monetary system in the United States. Contrary to popular assumption, the Federal Reserve is not part of the U.S. government, but is a private company that is owned by a cabal of mega-banks throughout Europe and the United States. For the year 2009, during which the U.S. economy was in deep recession, the Federal Reserve had a profit of 45 billion dollars! To further illustrate just how convoluted the financial systems is, one of the owners of the Federal Reserve is Goldman-Sachs. And then there is the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which was birthed at a conference of financial representatives from 45 countries meeting in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, in 1944. All of these groups, in concert with other similar organizations around the world, serve to concentrate control of virtually all financial systems on the planet . . . all for the benefit of a select few, rather than for the good of the people of the world.

All of this must now be exposed to public view, and the power structures dismantled. This will be the underlying thrust of the next three years. There will most likely be much worldwide outrage as long-kept dark secrets of manipulation, perversion, and conspiracies are exposed. It has, of course, already started. But what we have seen so far is miniscule compared to what will ultimately be exposed.

It is a bit unnerving for all of us as we contemplate the degree of potential disruption to our daily lives as some of these systems unravel . . . especially the financial systems. But there has already been debate in the public domain about abolishing the Federal Reserve, so maybe some of this can be accomplished with a minimum of chaos.

Corporate Greed and Corruption

Corporate greed and corruption has become so blatant and pervasive in recent years that to write about it would require volumes. For half a century, "big oil" has suppressed Tesla free energy technology while they have continued to rape the environment and fleece consumers. The alliance of the pharmaceutical industry with the so-called "health care" industry has turned diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disorders into profit centers, while they continue to attack and suppress alternative health practitioners who promote natural healing and wholesome nutrition. New diseases are intentionally created in laboratories and promoted as pandemics in order to sell vaccines that are laden with toxic substances. Food and beverage conglomerates produce and market products that are devoid of nutritional value and which contain toxic sweeteners and preservatives. The "entertainment" industry produces movies and computer games that are based on violence and disrespect for human values. The news media is controlled be a handful of "Illuminati" pawns who promote their own agenda and suppress the "real' news. And on and on it goes.

Earth Changes

The physical Earth is out of balance and needs to be brought back into balance. The tools that Mother Gaia has at her disposal are primarily water, wind, fire and movement. In recent times we have seen dramatic increases in floods, hurricanes & tornadoes, wild fires, volcanoes, and earthquakes.

But we know that Earth is a conscious, living being. And on the positive side, there are an increasing number of Lightworkers who are working supportively with Mother Gaia to ease the severity of the Earth-change events.

On the negative side, not unlike the latter days of Atlantis, advanced technology is being used by the malevolent beings on the planet to manipulate the weather, to trigger earthquakes and volcanoes, to poison the atmosphere, and we can only imagine what else. One of the primary facilities being used for this is HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program), located near Gakona, Alaska, which is about 200 miles northeast of Anchorage. The official purpose of this facility is to conduct ionospheric research by bombarding the ionosphere with ultra-high powered bursts of electromagnetic energy. It is operated jointly by the US Air Force and US Navy, under a veil of secrecy. But there is much speculation as to what is really going on there, and it appears to have the capability for weather manipulation, mind control, triggering earthquakes in targeted areas, etc. etc. There is a lot of speculative information about HAARP on YouTube.

So as unusual and severe weather, earthquakes, volcanoes, and so on occur, it is difficult to know whether these events are man-made, or a more natural aspect of Earth rebalancing herself. Regardless of the source, I believe it is likely that we will see many more events of this nature during the lead-up to 2012.

Religious Institutions

The unraveling of religious institutions will most likely be a difficult experience for many people throughout the world. The spiritual life of the vast majority of people on our planet has been experienced and practiced within the context of religious doctrine and structures. And many within the "priesthood" of the various religions are deeply sincere in their intentions and efforts to help others. But throughout history, much distortion has found its way into religious teachings . . . sometimes through ignorance, but sometimes through malicious intent, in order to gain control of people's minds and hearts.

So all of the religions of the world need to be exposed to the Light of Truth, and I believe that as this happens, many people will feel distraught and perhaps disoriented as traditional teachings that people have held sacred throughout history come into serious questions, and distortions (intentional or otherwise) are revealed for what they are.


The vast conspiracy of governments and institutions around the world to conceal the presence of extraterrestrials in our skies and on our planet is coming unglued. There have been many rumors that the world leaders are close to making public announcements, acknowledging the presence of extraterrestrials, and the cover-up of this information over the past half century. For some, this may be traumatic. For others, who have long been aware of the extraterrestrials, and in some cases in frequent communication with them, it may be more of a "ho hum" event. But for all of us, its emergence into the public domain will change the context of life on Earth.

A Concluding Thought

As all of these and other changes unfold during the next three years, I believe our challenge will be to "stay light on our feet" . . . to adjust our lives as circumstances necessitate . . . to let go of previous plans and life patterns that no longer serve our highest good . . . to assimilate new realities as they become apparent . . . to help each other . . . to find joy in our lives in spite of the chaos . . . to live in the "now". . . and perhaps most importantly, to trust our inner knowingness and act upon it as we move forward step by step.

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